Geoff & Maureen Duryea

Gemaura, 1-27 Cemetery Road
Corowa NSW 2646

Geoff:         0427 331 016

Maureen:   0427 331 873



Gemaura is the 27 acre property owned by Geoff and Maureen which is very self sufficient - proven during the 2007 Equine Influenza breakout - when we were able to continue to work and swim our horses to have them fit and ready to go when racing resumed weeks later.

Stable blocks are set back 200m from the road ensuring a relaxed environment. We like our horses to be as relaxed and rested as possible.

Small and large well fenced paddocks cater for horses to have plenty of relaxation and room to move. The horses enjoy their paddock time which helps keep them fresh.

4 individual steel and mesh day yards under large deciduous trees provide dense shade in summer and allow the winter sun to shine through.

5 bright, spacious boxes and 8 walk-in/walk-out stables and yards.

14 metre round rubber and mesh sand roll gives the horses a safe place to play.

100m straight swimming pool, cambered on both sides for safety. Geoff believes circular swimming pools injure horses’ backs. We walk the horse out at each end and turn them around to re-enter the water.
We have the freedom to work our horses clockwise or anti-clockwise at anytime, which is a great advantage living on the border.
800m sand track in the front paddock for some lovely slow work.
Located just 1.5km away, has a 1600m sand track and 2000m course proper that is considered the best surface in the region.
Good quality bore water, suitable for drinking, keeps the pool full all year round.
We own our property and can therefore vary the type of work and timing to suit the horses.